We are one of the leading packaging manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. Thanks to the constant development of technology and procedure completion as well as over 10 years of experience in this industry, our goods have been exported to over 15 countries worldwide. Our factories have a total capacity of 800-1000 tons per month. We offer a wide range of packaging products to meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Our tax number: 0107971043 Headquarter: ICC Tower, 1277 Giai phong Street, Thing Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam 10000.
  • Southern office: No.35 Ho Hoc Lam Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 71900
  • Main field: Manufacturing Plastic and Paper Packaging Products
  • Hotline: (+84) 1900.638.092

Our flagship items are as follows:

Plastic Packaging:

✔️ PE Foam – Bubble Wrap – Packing Tape – Zipper Bags – Cable Ties – Strapping Bands – Air Bags

✔️ HDPE and LDPE gloves used in food and medical industry

✔️ HD, PE, PP, OPP, CPP, PVC Bags

✔️ Flexible Packaging (3 side seal, 4 side seal, 8 side seal, stand-up pouch with zipper, retort pouch, etc.)

✔️ PE Food wrap and Trash bags

✔️ Non-woven bags – Canvas Bags

Paper Packaging:

✔️ Paper Bags, Kraft Paper Pouches

✔️ Paper Boxes – Rigid Boxes – Gift Boxes – Pizza Boxes

✔️ Carton Boxes – Corrugated Boxes

✔️ Labels and Stickers used in food/ beverage and clothing industry

✔️ Invitation Cards, Christmas Cards, Wedding Cards etc. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipments and automated machineries which can meet various specifications. Besides, we pay attention to improve our technical knowledge and updates of the industry as well as individual performance of our team. Our experienced team always work collaboratively with customer satisfaction and benefits as a top priority.


☑️ Vision Aim to be in the top 10 most creative and effective young enterprises in Vietnam by 2030.

☑️ Mission Modern – Impressive – Distinctive Features are added into every of our products so that our esteemed customers can rest assured to receive the highest quality, which at the same time contributes to improving the value of Vietnamese goods exported to the global market.

☑️ Core Value Prestige: We protect our reputation as our own honor and always strengthen our capacity as well as endeavoring to keep our commitment. Devotion: Dedication is the foundation. We always maintain the business ethics and customer-centered model. Intellect: The constant development of technology has been driving our well-rounded growth. We also keep encouraging our employees’ eagerness to learn. Humanity: We build a strong solidarity based on fairness and collective strength as a united team. We always strive to provide value to our customers through high-quality products, a sense of responsibility, and continuous efforts to improve our service. For further information about our products and the most competitive offers, please send us your inquiry to:

  • Email:
  • Tel/WhatsApp: +84 984 230 359